Swimming in the Red River
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Camping on the river
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Voyageur's View crew with Jesse Ventura Walking to tubing area Camping Loading tubes onto convertible bus
People gathering tubes Shuttle bus to tubing site Getting off the river Resort store
Shuttle bus View of our parking lot Tubing down the river Tubing down the river
Parking lot Tubing down the river Getting ready to hit the water Lovin' the campsite
Example of our luscious landscape The view from the store Our regular guests Getting ready to tube. Tying tubes together
Tubing down the river Tubing down the river Gathering the tubes Our beautiful campsite
Beautiful scenery while tubing View of the resort Having a blast in the river Our parking lot
View of our entire resort Volleyball fun View of parking lot and resort Picnic area
  Our Founding Father Beautiful scenic view  
218-253-4329                                                    Give us your                  18611 105th Ave. SW
*All reservations must be taken by phone*            Feedback                    Red Lake Falls, MN 56750


      Last Updated on May 21, 2009

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